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Welcome to the World of Eon Wiki

The World of Eon is a world with a deep history that is constantly building upon itself. Heroes, villains, Gods, demi-gods all come and go in the pages of Eon’s history. Let this be your entry to the World of Eon so you, too, can be found among the names of heroes, or be forgotten among the names of the lost.

History of Eon

From Eon awaking, to the creation of the Four Races, to the discovery of Magic to the Age of Storms, the long history of Eon is recorded here.

Gods and Lords of Eon

The original ten Gods created by Eon Himself and those created afterward including other deities that have arisen to power over the long history of Eon.

Geography of Eon

Descriptions of each of the continents and what can be found within.

Races of Eon

The major races of Eon are all described here, from the Four Races to those that came after. Contains histories, descriptions and game rules.

Classes of Eon

Mainly a rule section, this has a listing of the playable classes in Eon, as well as the descriptions of each.

Main Page

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