The Bard



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If one was to ask Eric Lamont who he was, he would tell you that he was once a poet, scholar, and swordsman during the Age of Storms. But when he ran afoul of a medusa and was turned to stone his memory passed from the annals of history. Centuries later Eric was restored by a benevolent cleric of Lyon and his allies. Now he roams the land telling the stories of heroes, villains, ancient history and legend. People are astounded by how realistic and vivid Eric’s tales are, he says, but what they don’t realize is that when Eric Lamont tell the stories of antiquity they are the accounts of an eyewitness, not merely legends passed down through the generations.

A grand story, to be sure. The truth of the matter…well, only Eric knows for certain.

Young noble Bryce Holdgate, the self proclaimed Platinum Prince of Pallace; Hemmingford Grey, called The Wandering Minstrel; The dashing, romantic, and masked singer The Blue Bard, and his arc-nemesis and brother the nefarious Black Fox: All these are other characters in the repertoire of the man currently calling himself Eric Lamont. Which is the reality? Again, only Lamont knows for certain.

Master of disguise, deception, infiltration and swordplay Eric Lamont is all of these men and none. Eric travels the land, singing songs and spreading the reputation of each of his personas. He readily teaches the songs and the supposed deeds to other bards, singers and storytellers at every opportunity. He builds these men from imagination to reality in the hearts and minds of those who hear his tales and ballads, laying foundations for himself wherever he goes.

Generally, Lamont is a charming, confident and gallant man. An impetuous and oftentimes obtuse yet stalwart companion, Lamont is a fast friend to those who would set wrongs right. Not to mention those who show promise as characters in his next masterpiece.

The Bard

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