Albrecht (No. 256)

Runeborn Paladin, out to smite evil and defend justice!


Albrecht: Male Runeborn(0) Pal5; CR 5; Small Construct (living construct); HD 5d10+10; hp 53; Init +0; Spd 15 ft/x3; AC 18 (+7 armor, +1 size), touch 11, flat-footed 18; Base Atk/Grapple +5/+3; Full Atk +9 Two-handed (1d10+2;19-20/x2, Masterwork silver greatsword), +8 Two-handed (1d10+3;19-20/x2, Greatsword), +8 One-handed (1d6+2;20/x2, Morningstar), +8 One-handed (1d3+2;19-20/x2, Dagger), +8 One-handed (1d3+2;19-20/x2, Dagger), +6 Two-handed (1d3+2;20/x2, Sling); SA&SQ Aura of Good(Ex), Turn Undead(Su), Code of Conduct, Detect Evil(Sp), Smite Evil(Su), Divine Grace(Su), Lay on Hands(Su), Aura of Courage(Su), Divine Health(Ex), Spells, Special Mount(Sp); SR 0; AL LG; SV Fort +10, Ref +5, Will +7; Str 14(+2), Dex 11(+0), Con 15(+2), Int 11(+0), Wis 14(+2), Cha 18(+4); Skills: Concentration┬╣ +5, Diplomacy┬╣ +5, Handle Animal +7, Knowledge (nobility) +2, Knowledge (religion) +2, Ride┬╣ +3, Use Magic Device +5. Feats: Etheric Healing, Arcane Siphon


Basic Bio

No. 256 was a Runeborn created in Everanta by a wizard, Pillion.

Pillion was ejected from a college in Esane for his experiments with the arcane. He had tried crafting Runeborn, and had repeatedly erred – with often horrendous results. He moved to Everanta to continue his studies undisturbed, and was able to obtain a remote facility that was formerly a military college. He reformed it into his study, set up a small wizarding college in Everanta where he and his disciples practiced the art of crafting Runeborn.

Each case was treated as an experiment, and carefully catalogued and numbered. These experiments were attempted regularly, almost daily in fact. It was not until the experiments numbered into the low 200s that Pillion and his colleagues were able to create anything that appeared remotely like a stable Runeborn. But by experiment 232, the group had crafted their first Runeborn.

No. 232 later became a member of Pillion’s order, and was named Rhetor. Not every experiment following Rhetor was successful, but many were and soon there was a small community of Runeborn living within Pillion’s college.

No. 256 was eventually crafted, and initially thought that to be a failed experiment – No. 256 originally showed no sign of desire for the arcane arts. However, eventually, No. 256 began reading, and gravitated to the old library in the military college. There, he read about the great exploits of noble knights and warriors, and it was a chronicle of a Paladin of Tallin named Albrecht that struck him. He read of this Paladin’s great deeds and works, and decided to model himself after this way of life.

No. 256 began requesting that he be referred to as Albrecht, and taught himself the ways of the paladin through research and study. Soon after, he adopted a male persona, something unheard of amongst the other Runeborn that Pillion created. Albrecht posseses a childlike curiousity in all things, and approaches new challenges with that same naivite. However, he is not stupid nor to be taken as a fool – he is merely inexperienced. He quite enjoys creating theories, and builds his understanding of the universe in a very constructivist manner – everything is to be compartmentalized into a category. Right and wrong. Good and evil. Honour and dishonour. This is not to say that Albrecht is limited to dichotomies or polar opposites – he just likes categories. For example, odds are that when he meets a new person, he wants to know what that person does. If he is a fisherman, he will attribute his knowledge of fishermen to that person based on his previous experiences. If he encounters a Cleric, he would want to know of what deity immediately, so as to properly understand the nature of that Cleric’s existence. He is very inquisitive. This reflects both upon his training as a paladin and his nature as a Runeborn. Once Albrecht develops a concept, he is eager to apply it to his surroundings, and it is difficult for him to adjust his concepts without proper explanations.

Eventually, Albrecht was no longer satisfied merely sitting around researching, and decided that, after 2 years of studying the world and what it meant to be a paladin, that he was ready to go out and begin his own quests for justice and honour, and to seek out a righteous path and help those in need. Pillion and his order were understanding of his need to leave, and although they did not like to lose their work, they knew that there was no place for Albrecht at the college.

Shortly after setting out into Everanta, he heard of Moran, a realm dedicated to Tallin, and home to many great wizards and paladins. In addition, news of the persistent conflicts in Moran and how they bordered the realms of the Lords of Tyranny sounded like a great opportunity for Albrecht to practice his skills.

Albrecht’s logical construct mind concluded that this would be the most logical place for a Runeborn Paladin of Tallin to go, and so decided to head to the capital city of Moran.


The arrival and fall of Moran

Upon arriving in Moran, Albrecht bore witness to an evil force descending upon the city. Legions of Maraborian Zeppelins were assaulting the town. Letting his natural instincts and chivalrous nature guide him, Albrecht made his way to the castle to try to defend the Royalty. He met up with some soldiers, who took him into their fold. He charged through the castle, ever deeper and deeper through it’s many halls and corridors, until finally he came upon the King himself in the throes of battle with the vile enemy.

The King and his foe were both slowing, and the foe landed one final mighty blow on the King. Immediately after, Albrecht dove in and dispatched the villain once and for all. He turned to the King, but it was too late. He was already dying. The last words that the King gave Albrecht were to protect his children at all costs, and this has become Albrecht’s greatest quest. To Albrecht, no nobler a quest could possibly be bestowed upon him than from the dying words of a king.

Standing behind the King, cowering in abject fear, was the young Breweck, son of the king and heir to the throne. For all Albrecht knew, this young man could very well be the king, lest there were elder siblings. Albrecht looked down on the king and at the young boy – who happened to be both older and taller than Albrecht himself, even though Albrecht possessed a natural intellect and wisdom greater than the boy.

Albrecht struggled with what to say, but before he could get many words out, he heard the battle cries of more Maraborians calling through the halls. Fearing for the life of the prince, Albrecht grabbed the son and the Royal Seal on the chest of the king, and made to find a hideaway. Stumbling into an office, the prince Breweck knew of a secret passage that would easily provide safety for the both of them.

The escape from Moran

After some time, where Albrecht and Breweck became close friends due to Albrecht’s childlike nature, a noise was heard through the secret wall. There was a group of people, sounding as if they were moving slowly and carefully through the office chamber. Albrecht did not know what to make of it, but was certain that were they the same villains they would have been much louder and more raucous, and not have spent so much time moving stealthily.

Albrecht emerged from his hiding spot, and revealed himself to the mysterious folks behind the wall. It turned out that they were several other adventurers who were here to help find the royals and get them to safety. Albrecht explained that he had located Breweck, the youngest of the three royal heirs. The elder two, Brera and Breward, were still missing. Albrecht and the adventurer Janthro teamed up to delve deeper into the halls of the castle to try and find them, while the others led the prince to safety.

Returning to the where the king lay, Albrecht found his body, and closed the king’s still open eyes. Although Albrecht did not himself have eyes, he knew that this was the right and noble thing for a knight to do. He also thought that he should retrieve the king’s sword, as it should go to the next in line. While retrieving it, he noticed Janthro listening intently with is ear pressed to a door. Janthro had heard battle, and Albrecht soon learned that when battle calls, Janthro must answer.

Not wanting to leave his friend to fend for himself, Albrecht rushed in to the battle as well – perhaps a bit too hastily, as he stumbled upon his first attack. Soon Albrecht was joined by his colleagues and they found that they were in fact defending and fighting alongside the former prince and now king Breward, as well as the Captain of the Guard. The group managed to finish off the infiltrators, and escape the castle with the remainder of the royal family as well as the royal guard.

With the city of Moran taken by the Maraborians, it was decided that the only safe place to go would be with the dwarves. So the group begins their long journey towards the dwarven kingdom.

Janthro Freelove

Along the way to the Dwarven kingdom, Albrecht’s new colleague Janthro had a disturbing vision from his deity, one that called him to liberate the souls of the deceased in a nearby town. Albrecht joined Janthro, as well as his friend Naloor, on this adventure. Albrecht was particularly curious of Janthro’s nature, as he claimed to be a Paladin, yet bore none of the signs which Albrecht knew of paladins. He was not primarily concerned with seeking justice, but was much more concerned with preserving and promoting freedom – and also had what Albrecht perceived to be an overly boastful, audacious, and at times rude manner. Although Albrecht loved freedom, he saw it as a lesser need to justice and righteousness. Sometimes, people’s freedoms needed to be sacrificed for a greater good, and nothing was more nobler than someone sacrificing their own freedom to ensure that justice is served. This was what Albrecht had read, and had formed his existence around. What disturbed Albrecht most of all though was the way that Janthro treated the King Breward. Although Albrecht thought of the king as sharing some of the negative qualities he attributed to Janthro, Breward was the king, and he was to be respected – this was the proper way to behave. Although Albrecht perceived that others did not appreciate this, and viewed it as something that was an optional nicety, Albrecht perceived it to be no less important a construct than he was. On top of all of this, he was given a mission on the death bed from the previous king that he should protect and defend the royal family, something that he vowed to himself to do at all costs.

Yet despite the difference between him and Janthro, there was no denying that Albrecht thought Janthro to be a righteous man – if not a bit misguided. Janthro had managed to smite many evil villains in the city of the dead, and even managed to cure Albrecht back to consciousness after Albrecht had been dispatched by a vicious wolf. Above all else, nothing proved this more true than after having retrieved the artifact to save the souls of the fellow villagers. The two had a deep discussion about whether they were to slay the fiendish woman who had defiled the townsfolks souls, or to let her go and not deny her her freedom. Finally, Albrecht, Naloor, and Janthro came to the conclusion that yes, the vile woman was to be executed, and that this was a just punishment and the only way to preserve the greater good.

Albrecht also gave Janthro a long talk afterwards about his views on justice, and how he was proud of Janthro this day. Albrecht saw this as a great example of how, despite the differences between Janthro and Albrecht, that perhaps there was a great amount of good to be learned from him as well. After all, Albrecht was only 2, and he left his home to not just help the world and make it better, but also to learn from it, and learn how to make it better.

Of Two Minds

The group all reunited again in the town of Oakwicke, and used it as a launching point to move onwards to seek safety with the dwarves. Moving eastwards, Albrecht and his friends were surprised to encounter a large Ettin terrorizing the countryside. Trying to avoid him at all costs (for the safety of the king), the group was able to stay outside of the monster’s notice. Following this encounter, the group decided to head to the nearby town of Newkeep to find out the source of these Ettin assaults.

Much to the fear of Albrecht, it turned out that this wttin was a paladin who had been cursed by none other than an evil, malicious, controlling wizard. This was a combination of the greatest injustices that Albrecht knew of – a wizard stealing someone’s freedom, and a Paladin being forced to go against his oath. Although Albrecht was not one to fully express these innermost thoughts, they served as great motivation to free his brother in Tallin. The group decided that it was best to save the town and this individual, and so travelled to “Oldkeep,” the hideout of the ettin.

Albrecht and the group came upon a small roadside shrine, where a riddle served to provide some illumination on how to free the paladin from his accursed bonds. Armed with this knowledge, the party moved to the hideout of the Ettin, and plotted an attack on him designed to capture him and hopefully free him from this affliction. Albrecht’s greatest fear, however, was that once they had captured the ettin, they weren’t sure how they were going to be able to change him back. The last thing that Albrecht wanted was for this noble paladin to die while cursed and never have a chance to atone for his wrong doings.

It was decided that some of the group would return to Newkeep to gather information from the townspeople and try to determine the exact nature of the paladin’s affliction. It was known that this paladin was part of a larger group who had defeated the evil wizard who had formerly been tyrannizing the hamlet of Oldkeep, and that Newkeep was founded by residents fleeing this wizard’s dominance. After the defeat of the wizard, most of the adventurers moved onwards, but the paladin never reappeared, and in his stead the ettin rose. The riddle retrieved at the shrine of Tallin revealed that perhaps there was something within the paladin, named Kyrnyn, that was causing the wizards curse to take hold on him so long after the defeat of the evil enchanter. However, it was also discovered at the village that an angry mob was rising up, fearful of the ettin, with the goal to gather pitchforks and torches and defeat the ettin once and for all!

Armed with this knowledge, the group acted quickly to try and take down the ettin without entirely killing it. They managed to subdue it, and awaken the consciuosness of Kyrnyn within. However, the vileness of the curse still had control over the ettin body, so although Albrecht could communicate with the paladin, the paladin did not have control over his actions. Worse yet, the villagers were now beating down the door of the ettin’s hideout.

The leader of the mob, the much maligned Malwick, challenged Albrecht and the group’s authority to try to save Kyrnyn. Janthro, however, immediately took cause with the fact that Kyrnyn deserved to be liberated from the evil curse, and in a quick confrontation Malwick was cast aside and rendered unconscious. Bearing witness to this, Kyrnyn begins to realize that it is his own shame and pride that has caused this curse to be extended, and Albrecht convinces Kyrnyn that he needs to cast aside these unjust emotions, and return to a true and righteous form befitting a paladin of Tallinn. With this realization, Kyrnyn atones for his ways, and returns to his true form.

Albrecht learned quite a bit from this ordeal, about the true nature of justice, and that emotions can easily cause a paladin’s judgement to be clouded. This had happened in the past, when Albrecht’s own pride had prevented him from getting along with Janthro Freelove. Learning to balance these emotions with justice was something that Albrecht still struggled with. This experience helped Albrecht grow in this regards, and gain a better understanding of his role as a paladin, and to beware the pitfalls of pride.


Albrecht (No. 256)

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