World of Eon

The Shrine of Lyon and The Ruined Village

The party was brought forth to the Avatar a few days after arriving. Many of the group wandered the halls and learned of the greatness that is held within. Naloor especially learned a great deal from some friends he made, particularly of the secrets of the Mind and it’s relation with the Body.

The Avatar told the group that they were on a dangerous road forth, where death would meet them at every turn. There is a strong possibility that they will not return from where they are going. They would be going deep into the heart of the Lands of Tyranny. The Avatar was very silent on whether or not they would emerge victorious.

At the end, the Curse from the Stones of Zysis was lifted from those who were effected.

After leaving the Shrine of Lyon the group heads north, crossing the Dividing Hills to the Northern Province. Days of travel in the cooling winds brought no new information on their quest.

They were heading north following the trace of the magical wood that had been sent north. Then the party comes to a burnt landscape filled with dead bodies. The party examined the grizzly scene.

They found that there were nearly ten thousand bodies, equally divided between those dressed in Moranan and Maraborian dress. There were severed bodies, large scorch marks and shards of razor sharp glass scattering the battlefield. The party remained long enough to determine that this battle ended only days ago.

This confused the party attempted to reason why there were Moranan soldiers this far north — and this numerous as they were told that there were not enough soldiers gathered in any one place to launch such an attack. They gathered all information they could but still, nothing seemed to make sense.

They then continued northwards. After a few days, they came across another smouldering pile of ash, the size of a large village. As they grew closer to investigate, they were ambushed by bow wielding humans.

The humans are the last remnant of survivors of the burnt village. They were hoping to find more Maraborian soldiers to kill if they came back to this location. The party were curious, believing they can link the army that lies southwards to the burnt village here.

The Humans tell the story of the Maraborians coming to obtain a shipment of magical wood that was shipped north here. There were some strangers who came into town a few weeks ago asking about a shipment of wood. They wanted to know when it was leaving, and if it could leave any sooner: it was desperately needed in the north. This worried many of those in the trading business as there was just a shipment sent north days earlier. They grew suspicious and soon found out that they were a stop along a trade route that traded with Marabor. The goods were magical wood cut from their own trees. The shipment that left recently was was one of the shipment of magical wood, but they could not stop it, but the one they currently held they could do something about. So the village decided to put a stop to this and forced the Maraborians out of the village.

Soon after an army returned and laid waste to the village in a day. Their attack was precise and focussed on the citizens and away from any area of trade of wealth. The remaining citizens (who had not fled at first sight of the approaching army), more concerned about the welfare of Moran then their lives and torched the remainder of the village, especially the magical wood.

Now that their goal was taken from them the Maraborians slaughtered and enslaved many of the remaining villagers, then continued south. What happened then is unknown.

The party tells of the discovery of the armies in the south, which brings both joy and sadness to the remaining citizens of this burnt village. The party then wishes them well as they move off in the hopes of finding the other magical wood shipment. The citizens declare that they will head south to civilization.



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