World of Eon

Entry into Marabor

The party now enters into the wilds of northern Moran. Here the lands are rocky, cold and rough. They hav left behind the farm lands and now entered into something akin to badlands.

They travel for days, the air gaining a chill in late summer. The trees around them are near bare, the fir needles clinging to thin branches. Their feet scraping against rough, untrod, rocks. Then, suddenly, they feel the ground shake.

Before they know it, three massive creatures, covered in armoured hide spring from the ground, their maws closing in on them in surprise. Suddenly, they are wounded, Drask is near death, and there is no way to escape.

The Bard quickly attempts to charm one of the creatures, while being protected by Jaymes. Thu’kk is in single combat with one of these massive beats, while Drask is clinging to his new found freedom by a thread.

It doesn’t take long for these creatures to devour Drask. But The Bards spell is working on one of the creatures, who soon charges the others roaring at them in a display of authority. Thuk’kk escapes to stand near The Bard just before Jaymes is smashed by the creatures claws. The Bard quickly casts invisibility on the remaining pair and escape narrowly.

Now the group is once again at a loss, their numbers have dwindles even more, only three survive: Thuk’kk, The Bard and Thorax. Even the elements seem against them, but they continue on. Now that they are out of the territory of the land sharks, the head towards the border of Moran and Marabor in the hopes of learning something about their only clue: the magical wood.

Summer has now ended and autumn cools this harsh land. The trio slowly make their way along the western side of the last mountains of Moran.

They are stopped by a group of defenders of Moran, hooded and camouflaged in the grey lands. They explain that they are the only scouts that watch the border. The trio enter their caves: a last haven before entering enemy territory.

These soldiers have not heard of the magical wood that the party searches for. They know little of trade, but there have been some people going through the gates. The soldiers can only watch, hoping their number and position will not be revealed.

The remaining Trio tell of their plan to head to Distin in the hopes of finally tracking down their magical wood, or at least learn something of what their enemy is doing. Two orcs, loyal of Moran, step forward and wish to give their services to them.

One is a trained scout named Krullk. He holds numerous throwing axes and claims to be a quick flash on the battlefield. The other orc has heard tales of The Bard and joins along side him as his bodyguard.

Thorax has reservations about this new party. He is now surrounded by two orcs, a half-orc and a curious human. He knows that many orcish tribes have reverted to the Gods of Eon, becoming citizens of light, but that doesn’t change the deep history of mistrust and blood these two people share.

With their newfound comrades, the group investigates the border. Running the entire length of the border – as far as the group can see – is a twenty foot tall wooden wall. They walk along it (out of range, of course) until they see a gate within the wood. Then they wait.

They waited for a trade caravan, and they find one. They stop the wagon and ask to learn of it’s cargo, and hopefully use the wagon to infiltrate the border. The driver is very nervous and refuses to allow the party to see the wagon. His friend is killed by an orc, and the wagon is annexed.

The driver is very cautious and warns the group not to examine the cargo. Of course, they do so. In the wagon are two boxes, one large, the other small and long. both have warning written on them in numerous languages: each saying: Danger do not open.

As if we thought otherwise, the party continues to examine the box. What danger could lie in here that they have not already faced? They knock on the box, and it knocks back, rocking the crate slightly, the rattle of chains heard within.

They conclude that what ever is in there is intelligent and chained, unwilling to be sent to Marabor. The party believes it to be a dragon, and when the peer within, they are correct, a brass dragon resides within, chains surrounding it, making it nearly immobile.

The party removes the box and opens it, freeing the dragon which then shatters the chains restraining it. The other box contains three eggs: the children of this dragon.

The group speaks to this dragon, hoping for information and assistance, but find none. The dragon is mostly interested in small talk and conversation and seemingly does not understand the magnitude of the situation. The group explains how they wish to enlist the dragon to assist them in attacking Marabor by setting a trap. The dragon is not amused. The conversation continues, leading to many circles where it becomes apparent that the dragon is unwilling to help, and the group is unwilling to play it’s games.

Frustrated, the dragons uses it’s breath weapon to put the group to sleep. When they awaken, the dragon an it’s eggs are gone. But the wagon remains.

Now, the group turns their attention to the lone survivor of this wagon: the driver. They speak to him, threatening him in the way of this group and soon learn that he was sent to bring the cargo to a location on the way to Distin in a day.

The group uses the wagon to gain entrance to Marabor. The Bard rides the wagon out front, accompanied by his bodyguard wearing a large straw hat that is used to hide his un-human features.

They ride the wagon calmly through enemy lands, the wall and mountains fading behind them. Then, they see two men standing aside the road. They nod, as if expecting the wagon. There is little talk, then the pair lead the wagon to a small roadside inn.

The plan is working wonderfully. The Bard and his bodyguard stand outside, awaiting the arrival of the noble with which they will trade, while Krullk hides within the wagon. They hope to surprise their enemies.

The noble arrives out of the inn flanked by two soldiers of Marabor. The pair who led them here are standing off to the side. They are unarmoured, dressed in lose fitting clothing with staves.

The Bard begins to speak with the noble, attempting to fish as much information out of the man before his true identity is discovered. Not much is gleaned, and combat is quickly begun.

Krullk teleports out of the wagon and begins to lob axes at his enemies, while the Bard tactfully navigates the battlefield. Thuk’kk and the other orc wade into battle, smashing and slicing all they can. The battle is hard fought, but in the end, the party emerges victorious.

The roadside inn took some damage from the battle—mainly in the form of The Bard’s Wand of Lightning Bolt. They enter the inn and speak with the owner, who allows them to head upstairs (mostly thanks to the Bard’s Hat of Disguise)

When they enter the room of the noble they killed, they find a neat room, filled with little of interest. With nothing much else to do, The Bard uses his Scry ability to watch Bidsek, the Maraborian whose name seems to pop up constantly. The Bard watches him finish a meal and be lead out of a beautifully ornate room to meet with someone, but then the spell’s duration expires.

But now, they have information. They find a scroll of Teleport as the others search around for more clues. The group decides to use the scroll to return to Cayley and talk with The King.



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